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Hello, dear custom gold users. welcome to the blog section of our site, where your questions about our site are answered. as soon as you enter our site, some questions may arise in your mind, why is the site called gold custom and what support does it have for purchasing the product? don't worry, we have explained all these questions for you dear users in this section. first of all, i am writing as a member of this great community to explain to you about ourselves and what we are going to do. well, i'll start. the first thing that may concern you is why the name of the collection. is it our custom gold? well, the name perfectly describes one of the features of our collection, custom gold, which means our collection allows you to choose and love the gold and jewelry you want and customize your style. . gift customized jewelry with the photo of your lover or someone you love and are interested in. we want to gain the trust of our dear users and respected customers by offering this option. well, now let's go to the main topic, that is, the possibilities. our site. dear user of our site, we will respond to you after purchase. you may not be satisfied with our product and quality of work for any reason. it is possible to exchange this product. so far, i mentioned two features of custom gold. let's go to other features of the site. we ship products worldwide in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality of the jewelry. even the prices of products and jewelry available on our site are completely discounted and affordable. we discount our products every month or every week so that the prices are lower than they are. is it really good and not fake? in response to this question, i must say that we have used original gold and jewelry to customize your jewelry, dear users. the main question that may concern your mind is whether custom gold can be trusted. yes, by placing your information on the site, you can report any problem that occurred to send the product, so that we can fix the problem with the necessary follow-up. your beauty is important because the priority of gold custom is your satisfaction, dear users, by entering the main part of the site and the products part of the site, you can find out about the facilities that we have planned for you. if you enter the site and buy from the custom gold site, you will make us happy. we are waiting for your warm presence

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